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Food Safety Audits

  Thousands of food businesses failing to meet hygiene standards, research reveals

Whether it is your pub, restaurant, café, market stall, hotel; by preparing and serving food unfit for consumption, you risk it all!!!

Rindwash Food Safety Audits are designed to keep you compliant with legislation, ensuring you are better protected against fines & costly litigations.

We audit many businesses who would not stand a chance during an EHO visit, our Food Safety Audits are designed to maintain or improve your hygiene ratings.

We audit all Food related areas including:


- Premises standards.

- Equipment standards and cleaning procedures.

- Critical food handling & contamination risks.

- Food handlers hygiene, training and awareness.

- Pest and waste management.

Following your audit, we report back to you with our findings, including results and specific measurable achievable realistic time framed action plans in order to stay compliant with legislation hence protecting your reputation, custom and your business.

Audit prices start at £150 in London, contact us for any other locations and pricing.