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Every year hundreds of cases of food poisoning are reported Nationwide. Food poisoning is a serious disease with symptoms that can include; vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain. Victims can often require medical attention and in serious cases may even result in life changing injuries or death.

Each year there are over one million people injured in accidents at work. Preventing accidents and illness at work is a key priority for everyone. You can help by providing your employees with effective Health and Safety training, which will help avoid the financial costs and distress that accidents and ill health can cause. Training your employees will not only ensure all your employees are competent in health and safety but will also help to develop a positive health and safety culture within your organisation.

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 Food safety courses and consultancy


Food Business operators are required by law to ensure the food handlers that are working for them are adequately trained in food hygiene matters that are commensurate with their work activity. Or are you looking for Occupational Health and safety courses instead?

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Rindwash can assist you in the following areas:

Starting a Food Business.

HACCP Development and documented Food Safety Management Systems.

Local Authority Liaison.

Risk assessment.

Fire Risk Assessment.

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Achieving a great results at your Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme audit is key to bringing customers through the door. Indeed your score can be found on the Food Standard Agency ratings. We can audit your establishment and establish how well you would behave during such audit highlighting failures or violations which can be addressed in time...

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Rindwash was born from Jerome's passion for cheese, the name is inspired by a technique consisting in washing the rind of a cheese hence creating the conditions it requires to reach optimum maturation.

For us at Rindwash, You are the cheese!

Our services help you ripen in an harmonious and safe manner and allows you to reach your optimum maturation.

Our one man team

Jerome Tabarie


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